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How to use es file explorer pro apk

Es file explorer is very easy to use as it has the best user interface. Anyone with basic knowledge can become familiar with this fantastic app. I didn’t find anything difficult in this app except a few whom I have explained below with its solution and How to use es file explorer pro apk.

Getting Start to use es file explorer pro apk:

How to use es file explorer pro apk

Es file explorer’s screen is divided into many portions according to its functions. You will see complete details about a number of files, images, videos, documents, total and remaining storage on top of the screen.

After sliding ‘toolbar from left to right’, you will see five sections explained below:


You will find all of your favorite items in the favorite section. Every file that you added to the favorite will be seen here.


Local storage including SD card and their files are available in the Local section. You can view, edit, share, delete, copy/paste and compress them easily.


In the library section, all the local files are arranged according to their types. You will be able to find audio, video, document, images and apk files here.


This section is full of tools that are required for connecting one device with others. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, Cloud storage and other tools are available in this section.


Apart from this, many other tools available in this app are available in the Tools section. This section includes a Storage analyzer, SD card analyzer, download manager and recycles bin, etc.

How to enable root explorer?

If you think you can easily access root directories then you are absolutely wrong. After installing the Es file explorer pro app, you are required to enable root explorer by following a method given below.

  1. Launch Download Es file explorer pro.
  2. Go to the main menu by clicking the menu icon.
  3. You will see many options, select “Root Explorer”.
  4. Turn root explorer ON.
  5. Now you have given full access to root directories.

How to compress/decompress files?

Es file explorer’s latest version supports both RAR and ZIP formats for file compression. You can easily compress files and folders. Here is the simplest method for compressing files in es file explorer.

Compressing a file means converting it to a default format in order to decrease its size. You can compress files by following the given method.

  1. Open es file explorer app on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to your local files.
  3. Select a file that you want to compress.
  4. Select a file by “hard compressing that file until it starts showing options in the bottom”.
  5. You will see a few options, click on “Compress” for further procedure.
  6. You will be asked to select the format and the file will be compressed within a minute.

While decompressing means converting compressed file back into original form. You can decompress files by following the given method.

  1. Open es file explorer pro app.
  2. Go to your local files.
  3. Select the compressed file.
  4. You will see the “Decompress” option. Click there.
  5. The file will be extracted in the same folder.
  6. In some versions of es file explorer, you were asked to provide a default path to extract the file.

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