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How to share files with es file explorer?

Sharing a file from one device to another is the best feature of the es file explorer premium apk. You can send the file to nearby mobile phones, computers and other supporting devices. You can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FTP, SMB and Cloud sharing options to send and receive files.

Best 3 Ways To share files with es file explorer:

1. Using Bluetooth:

We can easily share files between two devices using Bluetooth in es file explorer. Here is the method to send/receive files.

  1. Launch es file explorer pro app.
  2. Go to your local files and hard click (Press hard) on a document that you want to share.
  3. You will see a few options. Click on “Share”.
  4. Now click on the “Bluetooth” icon.
  5. If your Bluetooth is not turned on, you will see a popup asking for “Turn your Bluetooth ON”. Select the “Turn On” option to turn your Bluetooth ON. You can also select the Cancel option to cancel this operation.
  6. Here you will see a list of available devices, select the device to whom you want to send the device. Make sure that the receiver’s Bluetooth is also turned on.
  7. Accept file on the receiver’s device.
  8. You have successfully shared files in es file explorer.

Sharing a file using Bluetooth is too easy as compared to other sharing methods but we can use this method only when we are going to share a few files or files with small size. The wi-Fi direct method is preferred for sharing files with large sizes. Here I have explained this method.

2. Using Wi-Fi:

We can also send files by Wi-Fi direct and LAN (local area network). For this purpose, we are required to connect both the sender and receiver device with the same Wi-Fi connection. In the case of Wi-Fi connection’s unavailability, you can use the hotspot. For this purpose, you have to connect the receiver with the sender’s hotspot. Follow my given points for further procedures.

  1. Launch es file explorer pro app on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to local files and select files.
  3. Select the ‘more’ option and click on ‘send’.
  4. If both devices are connected, the file will be sent automatically.

But for this process, you are required to install es file explorer on both devices.

3. Cloud storage:

Cloud storage is better than both of the above methods for sharing files as you are not required to sit near to the second device. You can send files to anyone all over the world. You can also provide him/her with full access to your all files or a specific folder. You can share files with more than one person. In this case, anyone with a specific link will be able to download files. It is up to you whether you are going to provide him/her full control or he/she can only view files.

Es file explorer uses cloud storage integration with the best interface, it looks like a cloud storage platform. So it is easy for you to use it. Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget to install es file explorer’s pro and latest version from here for free.

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