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Do you want to manage your files in android phone there is serval methods? Do you want to share files without internet access? Are you looking for any single app to do this? You can’t find any file managing and exploring android app better than “Es file explorer” which is one of the most downloaded and leading apps available on Google play store. The best thing about Es File Explorer Pro Apk is that you can perform different file managing tasks in one place and have multiple funtions on it. It was launched by ‘Es Global’ on Google play store so that users could be able to manage and share files with each other on an android phone.


It also supports other operating systems so that you would be able to share files from android phone to PC and other devices. Almost all those tools are available in this app which is/are required to manage and explore files. You can secure your files by setting a secured password.

Es File Explorer Pro Apk Summary:

What’s new in Es File Explorer Premium Apk?

Developers did new changes in their latest version. These changes are given below.

  1. Its performance has been optimized.
  2. All known bugs are fixed.
  3. And many other changes were done in the latest version.

There are many other functions that make this app look professional.  Es file explorer has a number of features, but a few of them are listed below:

Features Of Es File Manager Pro Apk:

1. Send files:

You can easily share videos, images, documents, apps, movies and other files with another device even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, mobile data or data cable. However, Wi-Fi and hotspot connection is required.

2. Manage files:

You can simply copy, paste, move, cut, search, create, delete, share, beck up and rename different files and folders using the Es file explorer app.

3. Clear cache files:

You can delete all junk and cache files occupying a huge part of your total storage. Clearing this cache memory will make your android phone work faster and will free up space to keep more files.

4. Video and music players:

You can enjoy video and music players to play media files. These multi-media players are built-in tools available within the Es file explorer app. These audio and video players are cool and different from original players available within the android phone.

5. Wi-Fi file transfer:

You can manage files of your android phone from your PC using Wi-Fi file transfer. In this way, you can easily assist your device to manage files remotely. While sending a file, Es file explorer pro apk will connect your Wi-Fi with the receiver’s hotspot connection automatically. This app uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files from mobile phone to computer and vice versa.

6. App manager:

You can install, uninstall, backup, share and create shortcuts of android apps available in your phone. You can also convert any app to a simple Apk file.

7. Root Explorer:

This feature provides root access to the user. This feature allows changing permissions, accessing paths and much more. Rooting a mobile phone is a process of allowing the android phone to get root access.

8. Text viewer and editor:

You can view text files and can edit those files using built-in tools available in Es file explorer. You can use this text editor to create text files and to note anything special.

9. Compress and expand files:

Using Es file explorer, you can easily compress different files and folders. This app supports Zip and rar formats to compress files.

10. Bluetooth file browser:

You can copy, paste and share files between Bluetooth connected devices using a feature called “Bluetooth file browser” available in Es file explorer pro apk. In this feature, you can use another mobile as external memory.

11. Support multiple languages:

Es file explorer supports multiple languages like English (the US + British), Russian, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Bengali, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Arabic, Turkish, and Portuguese etc. In short, all top-level languages are being used in Es file explorer app.

12. Remote file manager:

Es file explorer has a wonderful feature where users can control their files available in the android phone using their PC. You can perform almost all type of possible task without even touching your mobile phone.

13. Cloud storage integration:

Cloud storage is also integrated into this app, you can easily use cloud storage within this app. You can share files with Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box net, Google Drive, One Drive, Sky Drive, and many other cloud platforms.

14. Protect your private files:

You can protect your private files by securing them you can add password which will be required every time you try to open that (secured) file. You can also hide your files so that no one other than you could see those files.

15. Memory analyzer:

You can analyze how much storage is in your use? How much free space you have? And much more. This feature will keep alarming you whenever your storage exceeded. It becomes very easier to delete unwanted files to free up space for new files. This app was designed for especially those countries (areas) where people can’t easily afford internet for all time, they only use the internet when needed. This app was designed so that they could share files and perform other tasks for free without using internet connection.

Es file explorer ios:

Another reason is that there are many areas in the world where internet speed is slow (slower than normal internet speed) and a lot of time is required to perform a simple task. You can also use Bluetooth instead of Es file explorer but Bluetooth can only be used to send and receive files however Es file explorer is a file managing app as discussed above. With all of the above features, this app is available on Google play store for free.

How to Share Files with Es file Explorer:

But here I am not talking about Es file explorer, I am talking about “Es file explorer pro” which is its premium (paid) version. I know you will be willing to know about the difference between both Es file explorer and its pro version. Here is a small introduction to Es File Explorer Pro Apk given below.

Es File Explorer Pro Apk Download:


Es file explorer is an amazing app having all possible features to manage files and the best thing is that ‘it is available for free’. But the worst thing we found in this app is the irritating ads which won’t allow you to work comfortably. Even I tried different adblockers to block ads but it didn’t work. Even this app was taken down from the play store for the same reason back in 2017.

They were using heavy ads and were opening it without user’s permission. Finally, I decided to buy its pro version that I am going to share with you because it is too costly (according to me) and I don’t want you guys to spend anything to purchase this app. Es file explorer pro is too simple and easy to use and also have some Es File Explorer Alternative. While on the pro version, you can choose different themes like light theme and dark theme etc. This app is too simple that anyone can become familiar in its first use.

Using this simple app, you can manage all files as you do on the computer. This app is 100% secured and virus free as we have tested and tried this awesome app.

Es File Explorer For PC:

I am providing Es explorer pro apk for free. Es file explorer is just a bit different from its pro version. You will be able to enjoy following premium features if you installed “Es file explorer pro” after downloading from this .

  • Remove Ads: You can enjoy Es file explorer pro without ads. As in pro version, the app will be clean from all types of ads. Removing ads also increase and optimize this app’s performance.
  • More to customize: You will be able to customize the start page and themes within the Es explorer pro app. You can customize this app according to your choice.
  • Extensions: Its paid version also supports most of the other file extensions. This feature only exists in the premium version of Es file explorer.
  • New addition: You will see a number of new themes and features in the pro version. These themes and features are not available for the simple version.
  • Work faster: Es file explorer pro works much faster as it is free from ads that take time to load.
  • New updates: With every new update a lot of new themes, tools and much more are added. If you are using Es file explorer pro, you will be able to enjoy these new updates. You can update your app by downloading the latest version from here.

How to Download Es File Explorer Pro Apk?

Here is the easiest method to install Es explorer pro apk. First of all, you should make sure that you have uninstalled Es file explorer app if already installed on your mobile phone. Follow my given steps to install Es file explorer pro.

  2. Download ‘Es explorer pro apk free’ from here.
  4. After downloading open its apk file (with .apk extension) mostly available in the “downloads” folder.
  6. You will see two options for “install” and “cancel” there. If you didn’t saw these options then enable “unknown sources” by visiting Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  8. Select the “Install” option to install this app. (You can also cancel this process by choosing the second option).
  10. Now you will see the ‘installing’ screen. When the installation completed, just click on the ‘open’ button to launch the app.
  12. Done. Now you can enjoy the latest and pro version of Es file explorer for totally free.

How to Install Es File Explorer Apk?

Downloaded apk file mostly exists in the “Downloads” folder but it is not compulsory as you can select a custom path for downloading files from browser’s setting. You can find the file’s path/directory in browser settings. If you are still facing issue while installing this app, make sure that you have allowed “Unknown Sources” as discussed in 2nd point given above. Also, uninstall another version of this app if you have already installed in your android phone. And make sure that your device is 4.2 Android or more which is required to run this app (latest version). But if you are still facing issue while installing this app, then let us know.

This app is used by millions of people and almost 70 to 80% of them are satisfied. Es file explorer pro has a large number of downloads. Thousands of files are shared through this professional file managing app daily. We are providing the latest version of Es file explorer here. Whenever we found any update, we will upload the latest version here and will also update all of the above content, info and details. If you want to get the latest version of this app, keep visiting our site regularly.

Is it 100% secured?

Yes, this app is 100% secured and free from virus. There are a number of apk related sites providing unsecured apk files. Those files can harm your device. You need to stay away from them. You can easily detect these files by browsing it in any good anti-virus software. We have tested and tried this app and found 100% useful that’s why we are satisfied with it and are going to share with you. You can yourself test this app using any valid tool to check whether it is secured or not and let us know.

That’s all. I think I have listed everything related to ‘Es file explorer pro apk’ app here. But if you still want to know a bit more about this app or have any issue, feel free to contact us.

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