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Due to advanced technologies, android phones are loaded with different apps. These heavy apps use a large part of the mobile phone’s storage. These apps store cache memory and junk files to mobile phones. To keep your mobile phone safe from virus, you need to use the best file managing app like “es file explorer”. Es file explorer is one of the most used and rated android apps. Es file explorer also has a Premium version known as Es File Explorer Premium Apk. You can download and install es file explorer pro for free.

Es File Explorer Pro Apk Download:


Es file explorer’s premium version is available here. You can download it for totally free. You don’t need to pay even a penny for it and simply have to download the apk file from this website and install it as usual. There are many reasons due to which premium version is far better than the free version. The biggest reason is irritating ads.

Unfortunately, es file explorer uses too many ads. You will also see an advertisement there where it shouldn’t be. Es file explorer uses an illegal method to open ads without the user’s permission. Even when the user isn’t interested in the ad, that ad will be opened without clicking and in most cases, these ads run in the backend. For this reason, Es file explorer along with other company apps were removed from the play store in April 2019.

They weren’t using this method to increase their advertisement earnings, they were doing this to force its users to move from free mode to premium. Apart from ads removal, there were a few other things you will find in the pro version, this is discussed below.

What you will find in the premium version?

Of course, a premium version comes with better performance and features. Here is a list of things that you will find in Es File Explorer Premium Apk.

  1. All ads are being removed in the Es File Explorer Premium Apk version. You won’t be able to find any single ad running either in frontend or backend.
  2. New options on the start page will allow you to customize the start page.
  3. You will be able to change color and theme in-app. Premium version comes with the “Color Grade” option. This option allows you to change the color of the app.
  4. We see a list of apps in app manager in es file explorer, in premium version you will be able to change the app icon’s style. Like you can add circular shape etc.
  5. There are a few themes, extensions and tools that are premium and aren’t
  6. available in the free version. You can use these premium atoms in Es File Explorer Premium Apk.

Apart from the above features, you will find optimized and fast es file explorer. This app is paid and you won’t be able to use/install this app until you didn’t clear the required payment. But we are providing this premium app with the latest version for totally free. You can download Es File Explorer Premium Apk file from here.

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