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8 Ball Pool Latest Version 5.2.6

Apk Version 5.2.6

8 Ball Pool 5.2.6 (2370) APK Latest Version, a simulation of billiards game with rules and mode similar to real billiards game. In the game, players can manage their angles and power to shoot the ball. They can also challenge their friends of facebook to play together. Originally a Facebook application, playing now in real time multiplayer will be a fun activity during leisure time.

8 Ball Pool File Information:-
Last updated: March 2, 2021
Developer: Miniclip
Version: 5.2.6 (2370)
Requirement: varies by device
File size: 66.2 MB
Uploaded: March 2, 2021, 11:11 a.m. GMT + 07
MD5: a6d240852bec22044c69db9482ab1c58
SHA1: 6ab8b37258f354297539477261c0ee769d8aa909
Available on Google Play: install from Google Play
8 Ball Pool app review

The game base of 8 Ball Pool for Android actually has nothing special and common as a billiards activity. Play one-on-one in some available mode options like Career and Tournament. Collect as many coins as possible to play in the higher levels. The player can play with friends too, in multi-player mode in 8 ball pool game. The totally game focuses on chasing the levels as high as possible the maximum level is 999. Before playing the real game of billard, anyone can try it out for improving there skills in game.

In addition, when people are interested in this sporting activity, they can relax their ambition by playing it first on digital before joining the real game. As he described earlier, the game is not successful. to stand out with a specific character because it is simple for those who need simple rules and matches in 8 ball pool. Alternatively, mini-games are offered in the game. The difference can be seen on clues which would be to the advantage of the players.

Tails can be purchased via in-game chips. However, hints are not only effective for some people for understanding the game. Yet skills and strategy are the key elements to winning the game by playing day by day you will increase your skills. In visual it is designed on point with simple graphics just like the sound effect and also added lots of interesting emojis in chat. The way the ball runs and bounces depend on shoot power is also what people expect. It looks like a real one. Thus, all the strategies can be applied by the players. The gameplay itself is fun as it adopted it from the real game of pool by playing you will increase your real game skills too.

With control aimed at the game of pool, it is fair and can be followed easily. Get used to it and there is nothing difficult. Playing against another person is good, but otherwise playing in the tournament would also be difficult with multiple table amounts. As a simulator it is just great to use although it is not perfect for some players.


It is a reliable game that can be played by all users.
Easy control makes the game perfect for beginner pool players who want to learn technique and experience.
Honest rules and matching with accurate graphics and sound.
The inconvenients:

Nothing more on the variations of the game
In the end, skill and strategy are the key elements to winning the game. Hints are not always effective or of benefit to players.

How To Play

Lots Of Peoples are fans of games. 8 ball pool have also lots of fans which are playing 8 ball pool game
if you want to increase the skills in 8 ball pool then in 8 ball pool there is a best option of offline gameplay.
in offline gameplay you can prectice 8 ball pool for increasing your skills. you can play offline without any login
details. if you want to play online then you have multiple option to sign up or direct login. you can play 8 ball pool game
by guest login but if you dlete your 8 ball pool you will loose all of the winnings which you win in the game.
the best option to play 8 ball pool is Facebook and Miniclip login. by creating Miniclip account you can login
every time in every place by your gmail or Miniclip email password. and you can not loose your winnings by uninstalling 8 ball
if you want to increase your skills and play prectice mathes daily to improve your skills to be a player then you have to
play online to win the coins in 8 ball pool.

8 Ball Pool 5.2.6


8 Ball Pool Latest Pool Pass.

in 8 Ball Pool the latest pool pass which is named as Advancture Season in this pool pass by completing mission  you will get some rewards.

  • Cues
  • Stickers
  • Cash
  • Coins
  • Golden Shots
  • Scretches
  • Victory Boxes
  • Chat Emojies

And More

Rewards are free and also paid. the paid rewards price is 600 pkr. for paid rewards you have to pay some money. bellow is screen shoot of 8 ball pool pool pass in which  free and paid rewards included.

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